Chicago cafes abstain from cutting-edge Wi-Fi Hope the atmosphere is old

The Kibbitznest coffee shop in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area is forbidden to use a laptop computer in the shop, and no Wi-Fi is available. Come back again, people are drinking coffee, talking and reading in the shop. Instead of carrying a laptop to work as it is today.

The shop said. I want people to read books and talk more than to work with a laptop so the rules are. In the area of the book or Bookbar will not have Wi-Fi if someone brings a laptop to the store. Will not allow picks out of pocket. Using a smartphone This is because it is really necessary. Turn to talk Tell a story Laugh But no shouting.

Kibbitznest has books and coffee to serve customers. There are also board games and cards for customers to play. Typewriter For wanting to print the letter. Or would like to print a little note. Food and drink. Highlighted as a snack For those who want to relax after work.

This plant. Is a non-profit store By the profits from in-store sales. It will be used to promote communication. And used in various art-focused events. University activities, museums, educators, writers, artists and cultural centers. There are also similar nonprofits.

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