Benefits of coffee grounds.

Each time the coffee is left with coffee. And most people will leave because they do not know what these coffee grounds are useful. Let’s see that the remaining coffee residue. Can be used to a variety of benefits. Instead of throwing away

1. Used as a fertilizer for trees: Coffee grounds can be used to fertilize the tree as well. Because of the high nitrogen. Nitrogen is an important component of DNA, RNA and protein, which plants need to grow. Coffee grounds also contain potassium. Phosphorus and other substances a little more. That help to improve the development of plants. There are reports from many gardeners. Rose grows well. Large and colorful flowers when using coffee grounds as fertilizer.

2. Use with pets: Bring coffee grounds mixed with water and then scrub the surface of the pet. It will make the skin and fur of animals healthier and shine. Someone who has used this method has found that it can help with fleas and parasites on animal hair. But this is still experimental.

3. Deodorize in the refrigerator: If we keep many things in the refrigerator. Will cause the refrigerator to smell unpleasant. We can get rid of these odors. By putting coffee residue in the cup and put it in the refrigerator. Then the coffee grounds will act. Absorbs various odors from food if you want to be more effective. Add vanilla to a little coffee.

4. Prevent the excretion of pets: If there are areas or gardens that do not want pets to excrete dirty. We can bring coffee grounds and oranges around the area because of the smell of these two when mixed together. It is a smell that makes the animal does not excrete or excreted.

5. Used for scrubbing: Coffee grounds can be scrubbed. Because of anti-oxidant. It acts as a detoxifying agent for the epidermis. And stimulate the function of the inner skin cells. Adjusts blood pressure and stimulates fat burning under the skin. The skin looks radiant and coffee grounds are not as serious on the skin as salt scrub.

6. Deodorant in shoes: by putting coffee residue in shoes. To make the coffee residue absorb unpleasant odors from the shoes. Or if you want to get rid of foot odor. It can be done with water, coffee grounds, footwash.

7. Helps hair shine: Of course, having beautiful hair and shine is a must for everyone. The simplest way to do this is to wash or shampoo with coffee grounds. Or use a shampoo containing coffee extract.

8. Help the ants: If you talk about ants walking in the house, whether in the pantry. Or wardrobe These ants are quite annoying to us. But we can eliminate these ants by pouring coffee grounds into the pantry or closet. Then the ants will not approach these cabinets. Because the coffee residue has some odor that ants do not like.

9. Used for coloring: If dissolved coffee in hot water. It will be brown in the form of coffee. To be used for mixing in dyeing fabrics or artwork.

10. Prevent rusting: The remaining coffee residue from grinding. Dried to dry and then stuffed pillow. Will not need to rust.

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