“Set the coffee price. Turn over the coffee shop. “

By … Bualuang Securities

This really Almost no coffee. … but the issue of coffee came up. Coffee became a popular business of the new generation.

That kind of “What do not you think? Open coffee shop “… but the problem is that people open a lot, but the people are very successful.

So we have to sit and think. “What do we do with good coffee?”

“How much is this coffee?”

– “If you eat to drowsy” … people may pay the ten baht … about 40-50 baht eat drowsy because of delicious – who eat diarrhea. They are fighting in this market !!

– “eat because of belief in quality” … This is the price of the top ten 60-80 baht quality coffee beans from what it is. – Who swarm this must find quality coffee beans. … fight with quality.

– “Who knows who brewed” … This started to eat because of identity. This is starting to cost 100 baht … I drink this coffee because I’m an ordinary person. – Who is this group of people must sell the story … Who brews? Brew? ”

… because Uncle Hong has a passion for coffee. Uncle Hong is also an Uncle Hong’s father who is an adventurer everywhere. … to discover the culture of eating coffee around the world until finally opened a small coffee shop. Up at the mountains … (About that … the buyer here. He took the story He paid expensive)

… told to point out that Doing business has a deeper dimension. Just open the store and find out. Heart of success is at We understand the goal of the buyer.

Examples quoted. The company that swarms people to sleep is Nescafe, a giant company that dominates the market.

Quality coffee is like 7-11 coffee / pump coffee, like Amazon.

Selling stories like Starbucks.

(If we capital thick We’re leaning towards mass making lots of sales numbers … if we’re financially thin. We are leaning to sell less quality sales.)

“The first step in doing business is choosing the market you want.” And then the business will have a greater chance of success. “… There is no product that sells anyone – no !!

Business must be clear. Because customers have a lot of choices. … We can not create a product for sale to anyone. As in the past … and this is a great challenge. For new generation Because new generation children are taught to do everything. Do it But do not dare to stand out as anything special.

Who passed this proposition? “Dare to stand, dare to choose to dare to be clear”.

Flip a few ways Our business is surprisingly good … oh !! Sell it !!

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