5 advantages when choosing made to order furniture (Made to order)

5 advantages when choosing made to order furniture (Made to order)

5 ข้อดีเมื่อเลือกใช้เฟอร์นิเจอร์แบบสั่งทำ (Made to order)

Many times, choosing furniture is becoming more difficult. Because furniture sold on the market may have parts that do not meet the requirements. The size is too small or too big. Nice but not as expected. Or a new furniture does not fit with the existing furniture at all.

The solution to these problems is the use of Made to order furniture, which is more user-friendly with 5 advantages.

1. Adjust the size to fit the space.
Prefabricated furniture is made to order a large number of times from the factory. There are usually only a few sizes that may not fit in our area. And the difference of only 10 cm, it may cause a gap when placed in the room or make furniture is not fit to change your mind to try to find another way unfortunately.

But if you use furniture made to order. Will make resize as you like. Reduce or increase the normal size to fit the area. The arrangement of furniture in the room, so do not worry about whether or not to put up anymore.

2. Choose the material as desired.
Materials are the main focus of furniture design and manufacture. Which also Prefabricated furniture usually has the colors and materials selected. In one type of furniture, there may be only a few colors and materials that may be unpleasant, such as the need for light brown wood furniture, but the preferred form is dark brown and white. Or need a leather sofas, but the right style has a fabric lining.

When the furniture is made to order, it can be selected at every step. No matter what kind of wood. Type of material used Color of furniture Type of stone used, etc.

3. Design suitable for specific applications.
Some of you have imaginative furniture in mind. Or have a designer who knows the interior design. It is highly possible that specific designs may not be available in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to use custom made furniture to match the design as much as possible.

Contact the furniture made to order. Some of them will have designers to help design the furniture that suits them. Make sure your home, office, or restaurant is professionally decorated. Beautiful and tasteful

4. Style is unique.
One of the advantages of using custom made furniture is that the furniture is unique and unique to the furniture because it is difficult to find the same style in other places.

The uniqueness of re-creation or adaptation to that area is very important. For home furniture, it is considered a home jewelry that represents the taste of another owner. And for shops and places that provide services such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, spas, beauty parlors, etc, custom made furniture will make the shop look unique, colorful choices reflect the brand of the place. Fully with

5. good quality
The last and most important thing is the quality of the furniture. Many times, furniture is a problem in some products because it is a mass production. There may be some pieces that survive the investigation. Or to accelerate production to sell, work out incomplete. But for furniture Made to order, the work done to make it so sophisticated and attention to every piece of work sent to the customer.