Espresso Blend

Many people when they hear the word “espresso” may think of coffee. And small amounts in small cups, most Thai people rarely order to drink. We say it is bitter to describe the meaning to cover up, we considered “espresso” as a way to extract coffee. Extraction refers to the use of water flowing through the ground coffee. Water to pull the taste. Come with it The brewing tools mainly serve to extract and filter the coffee grounds to make it easy to drink. What we drink is called “coffee”. If you say this, there are ways or tools to extract coffee. For example, using a press or press pot, filtering with an ancient coffee bag, moka pot syphon drip, and much more. Espresso is just one of many ways.

If the espresso differs from all the above. The water that flows through to extract the coffee is water that flows with very high pressure. Coffee extracted is a special coffee. For this reason, roasted coffee used to make this way needs to be roasted and blended properly. Mostly used coffee is very dark. This is due to the fact that the coffee is too sour or acidic (due to the pressure to extract coffee is high). In addition, the Italian who gave birth and popular espresso. The most It is believed that the pressure in the extraction is very high. Using coffee beans from any source, one source of origin will make the origin characteristic very obvious. Making espresso coffee with Italian espresso is a great way to mix coffee from a variety of sources, which have many different features to extract coffee from it can give you the taste of espresso. Full of sweet, bitter aroma with flowers, fruits, spices, nuts and chocolates. Coffee from single source can not be given. Thus, the blends are called blends. This is especially suitable for espresso or espresso extraction. “Espresso Blend”

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