Department of Health warns “Amazon” repeatedly found another aim to withdraw the license! “Amazon” has closed the branch. The customer knot found the scales in the cocoa smoothie.

The Director-General of the Department of Health revealed that he urged staff to inspect and warn “Cafe Amazon” with a icehouse after customers found “solid flakes” in 2 cacao smoothies! Repeatedly if not accelerating the improvement and find again Aim to revoke the license for sure! … From the case of the online world causing a lot of criticism After a Facebook user revealed the story of buying 2 cups of smoothie cocoa to drink with the younger from a famous coffee shop But found that there are hard debris in the water, then pour the 2 glasses and rinse with water Until found that there are clear colored scales inside the glass Until making the story happen Became criticized throughout the online community

Most recently, on October 17, “Café Amazon”, the agency of the said coffee shop. Explained through the fan page that “As it appeared on social media on Oct. 15, foreign bodies were found in the Amazon cafe drink. GMM Grammy Place branch, the Cafe Amazon apologizes for the incident. “In this regard, the Cafe Amazon has ordered the closure of the said branch in order to clean all equipment. And ordered him to immediately investigate the cause of the incident immediately Which was found to be caused by ice quality Does not meet the set standards Due to the packaging for ice used in the transportation process, Cafe Amazon instructs the ice maker to review and improve all production processes and quality control systems. And receiving the commitment from the ice maker By undertaking and immediately changing the packaging of the ice …

Regarding the said matter Most recently, on 17 October, Dr. Phannphimon Wipulakorn, Director-General of the Department of Health The Ministry of Public Health has revealed to the “Daily News Online” that the normal production of ice. The water used must be as clean as the quality of drinking water. That is clean and clear No turbidity There is no odor and adulteration, as well as the production process must be controlled at every step. Not to be contaminated “Since ice production is considered a business that is harmful to health in accordance with the law on public health” there are guidelines for measures to control the production process of businesses that are harmful to health. To be clean Without any contamination With the authority to control and be in compliance with the law, it is the responsibility of the local governing body to oversee and issue licenses.

The Ministry of Public Health controls the production of ice for distribution in terms of quality and standards. As announced by the Ministry of Public Health Ice story To determine quality or standards Production process, water usage in production Ice storage location Using ice containers As well as displaying labels Must have hygienic production methods Must have control of the production process in accordance with the requirements, criteria, good methods of production or GMP to reduce the problem of such contamination.If violations do not comply, there will be a fine of not more than 10,000 baht.

Screen shots from people who have experienced the Amazon coffee shop.

“For such matters that occur In the case that the consumer eats foreign bodies into the body That is expected to be that plastic Because there is not a small amount The body can then be driven out by itself. Which is still not of great concern But for the manufacturer The Department of Health has coordinated with relevant agencies. Speeding down into the area to check the café Amazon said branch Along with ice makers Which initially has to be warned and suggested solutions Prevent the risk of repeat events occurring with customers that will occur in the future But if in the future, it is found that errors in the future again Might have revoked the license for sure Although the agency has many branches But it is considered a joint responsibility with the store in the branch as well, “said the Director-General of the Department of Health.

However, if ice is found unclean or contaminated, please notify the shop or restaurant that went into the service. And inform local government agencies as public health officials to enter the ice factory Packing Business Ice wholesalers Which is a business that is dangerous to health to find the cause Make suggestions for improvement Including using the power to stop the law for resolution And closed the business respectively In order to help people receive safe food for health …


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