Sad cafe owner Blind stole maker With the device completely disappeared.

At Samutprakarn Criminals cause theft of coffee machines and equipment to exhaust. Total value of about 50 thousand baht.

Thieves steal coffee machine Samutprakarn
Muang Samut Prakan Police Station Check the fresh coffee. Inside Soi Kajiwit Tambon Praksa new After being informed by Ms. Rattana Chulalong, 44 years old, the owner said. There were criminals to steal coffee and coffee grind to the value of more than 50 thousand baht in the scene. Sign of the villain cutting the lock on the door lock 2.

From the interview, the victim said that she would normally stay at the house and open the shop in the morning around 7:00 am and will close at 4:00 pm every day until yesterday morning. normal After the store is ready to open the coffee machine to warm up. Found that the grinder And coffee machine Including the equipment to complete the missing coffee.

Initially, the police assumed. The victim is probably a person who is knowledgeable about coffee machines as well. So know that the coffee machine has a combination of what it is. So it was stolen to lift. The police will hasten to find the clues to pursue the criminal to prosecute.

Leverage store Stealing money in donation box, Nongkhai
In Nong Khai Province, police in Nong Khai Township inspect the souvenir shops in the Indochina market. After the gang came to steal a donation box. Based on an inquiry from Mrs. Chiraan The 52-year-old widow told the villAGe that the shopkeeper had stolen 100, 500 and 1,000 baht banknotes in the donation box. Before leaving the donation box, the remaining coins and banknotes will cost 20 baht each. Put them in the store’s front door. And stolen money in the drawer table to 1,000 more than the initial police will coordinate the surveillance of the CCTV camera to find the clues tracking the criminal to prosecute soon.

Stealing beverages in the freezer Uttaradit
Uttaradit Province Police Uttaradit Town Police Check in front of the beauty salon in Inch has been informed by Mrs. Nopasorn Sapsong, the owner of the shop that the villains steal the beverage from the freezer until smooth. The scene found a freezer beverage. Located next to the phone top up. There are signs that the chain is broken. Drinks such as soft drinks, bottled water are completely stolen. The police will pursue the criminal to prosecute.

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