Rat Cafe

“Cat cafe” cat cafe is a waiter Help customers to drink to eat out of the country is another way to open it. This time of the “Rat Cafe” cafe.

This summer, he will be launching his Rat Cafe in San Francisco. Famous sights of San Francisco. There will be a promotion for two days, on 1st and 7th of July. Subscribers will have “mice”, you really are friends, “yes”.

But do not worry about it … The shopkeeper is not a rat from the sewer, dirty, lecherous. If the mouse is honorable. House rats from “Rattie Ratz” mice rescue organization Located in the Bay Area.

All the mice are clever, clever, intelligent, through high-level social practice.

Pay only 49.99 US dollars (1,699.66 baht). You will receive coffee, tea or water, as well as sweet toast. I will finish playing 15 minutes.


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