World-class researchers in the year 2017 revealed that drinking coffee every day helps to keep up the good life. More than they do not drink coffee.

Two recent research confirms that people who drink coffee regularly. Longer life and risk of death with less serious disease than people who do not drink coffee.

Two recent studies published in the US Journal of Medicine. Disclosure of additional benefits of drinking coffee on health. This makes people who drink coffee regularly. Longer life and risk of death from less serious diseases than people who do not drink coffee. The first research conducted by “Imperial College London” and “International Cancer Research Center” collected data from 520,000 people in Europe in 10 countries for an average of 16 years. Disease death among those who drink coffee and do not drink coffee. It was found that those who drank more than 3 cups of coffee a day had a lower mortality rate than those who did not drink coffee. Especially gastrointestinal diseases and blood circulation.

The second research was conducted by the University of Southern California. Which tracks the health of people in different ethnic United States. Of the 185,000 people who are native to Africa, Europe, Latin America, Hawaii and Asia for an average of 16 years, five to five cups of coffee a day are regular coffee. Or coffee extracted caffeine out. It makes people of all races have a longer life expectancy. Regular coffee drinkers are at risk for heart disease, cancer, cerebral hemorrhages, diabetes, respiratory and renal diseases. Less often than not drinking coffee regularly. By drinking one cup of coffee each day, the risk of dying from these diseases was 12 percent less, while those who drank three glasses of water a day were 18 percent less likely to die from these diseases.

Coffee is a popular drink all over the world. Each day, people around the world drink more than 2,250 million glasses a day. Coffee also contains hundreds of antioxidants. This helps prevent free radicals from harming the cells inside the body. It also reduces the anti-insulin production, which helps control blood sugar levels. And also reduce the inflammation of the internal organs.


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