Q: ONSEN COFFEE is selling Franchise in Thailand and abroad?

A: We have the policy to grant the right to open Onison Coffee. The Franchise system is as follows.
Province: Starting from the opening of a single store and expanding into multiple stores (Multi Stores) to achieve revenue and profit suitable for professional management.
In Bangkok: Company Policy Is open a branch itself But if anyone has their own space and is ready, the onsen coffee will be considered.

If you are interested, please send your full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and city / province. You own it by email thank you.

E-Mail: info@onsencoffee.com

Q: Should ONSEN COFFEE be kept fresh? How to get the best quality and taste?

A: Onsen Coffee products are made from imported grade A raw materials. And fresh baked daily Because no preservatives. Please keep in sealed container. Brownie, Brownie cheese, butter cake, cake must be kept in the refrigerator. “

Q: Wifi internet at all branches free?

A: We provide free Wi-Fi for all customers in all branches. Please ask for a password from the employee when making a payment.

Q: Why is Onsen Coffee’s big drink so much better?

A: When you buy a large beverage at a coffee shop (especially a cheap one), you just have to. “More ice and water” !! Other raw materials as well. With that in a small glass But at Onsen Coffee is not like that. Our big drink is worth every penny you pay – because we add all the ingredients to you in proportion to the size of the glass.

Q: Why do Onsen products use imported raw materials from all over the world?

A: The reasons are as follows: (1) We want you to have the quality. (2) Many ingredients can not be found in the country such as almonds, blueberries And high quality chocolate, etc.

Q: What is “Onsen Milk”?

A: A fresh milk product. The mixture of milk really. Unlike conventional creamers that are sold. Which is not useful to the body. We have invented this secret formula to make it easy to cook a variety of beverages, whether hot or cold. It combines the concentration of aroma and sweet in it. So do not add anything else. And everyone can brew a drink to get a constant taste every time.

Advantages of Onsen Milk Compared to using other objects:

Do not buy many to keep.
Do not measure several times. And do not worry about some other objects before.
The value of fresh milk (artificial cream, condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk is not as valuable as milk onsen).
The same taste of drinks. Because the procedure is simple. And the formula is clear.